delusional attachment education!!!

delusional attachment is a word coined by a person who has a history of harassment, homophobia, and racefaking. it is NOT a word that was coined by a doctor, but that is not a surprise.

the definition of a delusion is a "false belief that is not rooted in reality."
to call it a "delusional attachment" would mean the person "suffering" from it would have to first acknowledge their belief is not rooted in reality, then claim they are currently experiencing that belief.

Person A : "help there is a monster outside my bedroom, i havent left my room in days, i cannot eat or sleep."
Person B : "hey im having a delusion that there is a monster outside my bedroom, it's a scary thought but i can eat and sleep"

the difference between Person A and Person B is that Person A genuinely believes they are in immediate danger, and this impairs their functioning.
Person B acknowledges that their belief of the monster being outside their bedroom is false, therefore they can function normally knowing this belief is a delusion, and not rooted in reality. delusions do not always have to impair functioning to the degree of Person A, but delusions will always impair functioning to some degree because psychosis is a symptom of mental illness. illness impairs functioning.